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Icon Agency partners with communications and marketing teams, IT departments, and project stakeholders to co-design and deliver category-defining Drupal websites and digital services.

From Drupal upgrades to Drupal development, our in-house team is ready to transform your website into a more usable, manageable and accessible service.

Our team includes some of Australia's most talented Drupal developers, WebOps and DevOps engineers – with extensive experience working on corporate and government websites.

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Ready to start your Drupal project or looking for strategic advice?

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Drupal and GovCMS websites
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Why choose Drupal CMS

Drupal is the world’s most trusted enterprise-level, open-source CMS due to its flexibility, security credentials, and interoperability.

Drupal’s robust and flexible architecture makes it a logical choice for business, government and not-for-profits due to no vendor lock-in, low implementation costs, freely-available community code, and a suite of pre-built modules. It's also a common CMS for eCommerce, travel, tourism and sporting websites.

Drupal is built for creating feature-rich, high-quality enterprise websites. It easily integrates with third-party apps, uses a mobile architecture, and is search-engine friendly.

Drupal and GovCMS websites
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Icon’s Drupal

  • Digital strategy and technical scoping

    Let us transform your website through clear organisational and user needs analysis, documentation, technical scoping, and project planning.

  • Drupal hosting, security, and maintenance

    We can support your website and IT teams with a fully-managed hosting service tailored to your organisation’s needs. We’re experts in AWS and Amazee.io, and our team has experience in a range of hosting platforms such as platform.sh and Skpr.

  • Accessible design and development

    Our designers and developers place accessibility at the centre of our approach. We’ll ensure your website meets the required level of accessibility, including WCAG 2.1 AA.

  • Drupal headless

    Use Drupal as a backend content repository, allowing the frontend to be built using different technologies that communicate with Drupal via an API.

  • Advanced SOLR search

    We’ll deploy real-time indexing, full-text and faceted search, dynamic clustering, and database integration – making your website’s context easily accessible via search.

  • Drupal upgrades

    We can upgrade your site from Drupal 7 or 8 to Drupal 9 or 10. Consider an AI or UI refresh as an add-on.

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Icon’s digital strategy, user experience, accessibility and content capabilities


We run tailored workshops with project stakeholders to understand intent, user types and cultural requirements – connecting needs, content and messaging requirements.


We work with project teams to create road-maps and timelines, outline technical requirements, define channels and content, and link with a launch strategy.


We team with departments, IT and communications managers to create usable, secure and scalable digital services for citizens; and are experts in applying modern design and development principles.

Prototyping and UI design

With the benefits of rapid, interactive prototyping, we can test, validate and iterate information architecture, wireframe prototypes, and draft content with real people to enhance your service’s usability and usefulness. We'll then bring your website to life with a fresh and modern look and feel.

Content production and governance

Ensure your editors and site managers understand the why, when and how of content publishing. If needed, Icon's editors and writers can create tone-of-voice guidelines and content to suit specific audiences. A clear communications strategy, custom content creation, use of search and taxonomies, and clever storytelling ensure your messaging is concise and useful.

Drupal development

We can theme and build a custom Drupal website to meet your project's specific needs, extending its functionality via off-the-shelf modules and custom development. We can also upgrade your site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 to ensure it remains viable after the November 2023 end of support date.

GovCMS SaaS and PaaS

If needed, we can deploy GovCMS to ensure your project is based on approved government standards and is hosted and supported via a fully managed service or stand-alone instance.

Design systems

Deploy a web-based design system to maintain consistency and brand essence at scale and across all your digital touch-points. We support integrated and stand-alone design systems, which can be used for more than just Drupal.

Component libraries

Speed up development with a library of pre-built, pre-tested website elements ready for any developer.


We advocate for, and comply with, the Digital Transformation Agency’s Digital Service Standard and accessibility requirements documented under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


We can seamlessly integrate content between websites and third-party data sources to provide a unified experience for your users through the use of existing or custom-built APIs.

Launch and improve

Launching a digital project is only the beginning. We help measure and iterate to meet your communications goals, plan future functionality, and manage technical and security upgrades.

Managed hosting

Icon partners with tier 1 Australian hosting providers, including GovCMS, AWS and Amazee.io, to provide a secure, best-in-class hosting service approved for government use.

Drupal and GovCMS websites
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Work with a multidisciplinary team to build a launch strategy and amplify your communications to the widest possible audience.

Our creative, communications teams are experts in behaviour change theory, brand development, advertising and marketing, data analysis, media relations and crisis management.

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